This post is legit to convince any and every one that they should go to BYU-Hawaii to get their general classes out of the way. I only partially took my advice… but that’s only because I didn’t know how great it would be!
Here’s what happened: I graduated high school and went straight to BYU Provo. I had only applied there and Idaho and figured if I didn’t get into Provo and I got into Idaho, then I probably would just not go to college at all. Rexburg and Summer don’t mesh haha. So, it was a good thing I got accepted to Provo! I went there for the Fall and Winter semesters and then went on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Florida, speaking Spanish for 18 months. When I had 6 months left in my mission, I got the impression I should go to BYU-Hawaii, so I applied! Thankfully, I was accepted. Two months after I got home from Florida, I left for Hawaii. I was there for 2 semesters—and a summer in between—and was able to get my associates degree.
Alright, now here’s where the convincing comes in. I’ve got 5 reasons you should apply and go to BYU-Hawaii instead of any other school! Member of the Church or not, I still think everyone should go, and here’s why!
  1. The cost of tuition is the same as all the other BYU schools, but it’s on a freaking beautiful tropical island! You either pay $2,800 a semester (or $5,600 for non-LDS students) to freeze or to tan
  2. Housing for students in Hawaii is pretty much the same as it is in Idaho or Provo. In Hawaii, I lived in a cute house with a washer a dryer, tv, full kitchen, and a shared room for $400/month. Later, the landlord bumped it to $425, but I literally paid more than that at an apartment complex 3 miles from BYU Provo Campus. In Hawaii I not only paid less for rent, but I could see the beach entrance from my window (the ocean was less than ¾ a mile away for most student), the grocery store, and the Laie Temple. No joke, it was a dream
  3. Class sizes are small, and it’s a smooth transition from high school. You know your professors and classmates, it totally feels like a family! Smaller class sizes mean less intimidation to ask questions, more personalized lessons, and just better life. You don’t get lost in the sea of 800 students, and your teachers can actually help you personally
  4. There’s so much history and culture embedded in the university, it’s an experience you won’t get at the other BYU schools or even other schools in general. The Pacific Islanders are awesome people and I’m grateful I got to see the different traditions they all have! You learn about it in school, and just by being in Laie. The food is my favorite, and quite honestly, everything there revolves around it. I’m not mad
  5. You can get your general classes out of the way in Hawaii and then transfer to Provo or anywhere else for your bachelors. There aren’t a ton of majors offered in Hawaii, so that’s why a lot of people don’t go there. But just do your generals and live your best life, then get to work with the big stuff when it comes to that. But everyone has to do generals. You might as well be happy while doing them! Some people are scared though to go to BYU-Hawaii because they don’t know if BYU Provo will accept them as a transfer student. Yes, it’s a risk. But if you’re not willing to take it then BYU-Hawaii isn’t for you anyway 😉 If you do happen to no get accepted to Provo after, you can go to UVU while you wait to get into Provo. They’ll take you eventually, cuz you’re awesome.
I could go on forever about all the good things about BYU- Hawaii, but hopefully this will sway you to at least apply to see if you get in. You deserve the beach!