Sum Things About Me

I’m Summer Jackson, swimmer, baker, left-hander, nanny, graphic designer, social media marketer, and recent BYU grad. In April (during the pandemic, yes) I graduated with a Communications degree, emphasis in Public Relations. After graduating from high school (7 years ago now, yikes), I had no idea what I wanted to study. It wasn’t until a random person sitting at the table next to me mentioned communications. Was I any part of his conversation? No. But what he said has literally changed the course of my life.

I am now studying a profession that makes me incredibly excited to practice it! Through BYU I have come to love copywriting, graphic design, branding, content creating, and growing businesses through digital marketing. It’s all so exciting! I truly enjoy watching a business grow with the tried and true practices of communication and advertising. So, to the guy at the table next to me at school, thank you.

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