I may not be a mom, but I am a nanny! I’ve been so lucky to watch a family with 5 awesome kids for about two years now. They keep me on my toes and are constantly teaching me things. Most of those things have to do with how to be a mom, and dang, that’s some tough stuff. But SO rewarding!

A few months ago I watched the kids for an extended period of time while their parents took a get-away trip to Hawaii. On Sunday, I took all the kids to church. Like most moms, their mom had a church bag packed with paper, crayons, coloring books, and small toys to keep those kids occupied and quiet (ish) for an hour.

After searching online for coloring pages for kids, I decided to make a couple of my own! My goal was to make something simplistic but also a coloring page that could double as artwork you would want to hang in your home. Free printables that aren’t weird are hard to come by… or maybe I’m not an expert google searcher? I’m not sure. But if you’re looking for free coloring pages that will keep your kid occupied at church, look no further! I have one simple page for young children and one that is more advanced (and bound to take at least 10 minutes for any avid colorer) for an older child.

I’m so excited about how these turned out! Below are the PDF files you can download and print on an normal 8.5×11 sized paper.

If you download the files and love how your child’s piece turns out, take a pic and tag me on Instagram @everyday_sum! I’d love to see how they turn out!