Mother’s Day

What a time to be a mother! With Covid still running rampant, mother’s all over the world are pulling their hair out while trying to cook meals, teach school, clean, eat, sleep, and breathe (among many other things). So, if you’re a mother, BLESS YOU. You are amazing! I’ve seen many reassuring messages from teachers and other mothers online, all of which reassuse mothers that it’s ok if they don’t teach their child everything they normally would in a school day. It’s ok if you don’t even teach your kid at ALL in a day! It’s ok if you are so overwhelmed that you leave your children to fend for themselves, in fact, it’s probably a good thing. I’m not a mom but I live with my older sister and I see a lot of things. I see that the best thing you can do, especially now when your kids are at home, is show them love. They’ll remember that.
If you’re not a mother, then you’re probably here to print a card for a mom in your life!
The prints are just for us amateurs out there, so it’s pretty easy. Just print the PDF file on either your own printer, or take it to some place like Staples. Whatever/wherever works for you! If possible, use cardstock paper because it’ll just look better and will be more durable. Once printed, you’ll just cut them out! These cards are 4×6 when folded, so they’ll fit in an envelope for that size.
If you are going to share these printable files with someone else, please point them towards my website and have them download them for themselves. Thank you!