Chip vs. Crumbl: Who Wins?

By May 14, 2019 June 18th, 2019 No Comments
If you live in Provo, you know about the rivalry between the two popular late-night cookie joints—Chip and Crumbl. You may also know that fans of both places are known to be very opinionated on their stance of which is superior. But what if you haven’t been to either place? Or you’ve only tried one? I’ve created the ultimate guide (including not only hard facts but opinions from both sides) to navigating the sea of late night cookie lovers, and finding out for yourself which company best suites you.
Let’s hear the facts, the truths, the loves, and the hates. Here is a comprehensive list for you to do your own comparing and contrasting. Pick your side, or don’t! But remember that one person’s determining factor for their favorite cookie may be yours for not choosing it. Let this list be your ammo in your next debate.
  • First late-night cookie joint in Provo
  • Delivery (extra $) and pick-up from 12pm-2am
  • Cold Milk for extra $
  • Fresh and warm, 6-ounce cookie
  • MTC delivery options
  • Offer milk chocolate chip always, and one other flavor (changes each month)
  • Winner of Best of State Cookie in Utah 2018
  • Said to be more dense and moist than competitor
  • Must buy box of 4 (slightly more than $10), can’t buy individual cookies
  • Delivery (extra $, tip expected for deliverer) from noon to midnight and in-store from 10am-midnight
  • Chocolate chip and sugar cookie available always. As well, 4 other types of specialty cookies weekly
  • Cold milk for extra $
  • Fresh and warm, 6-ounce cookie
  • Locations not only in Utah (Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado)
  • Said to not have as much butter—grease—as the competition
  • Do not have to buy complete box to purchase in stores, can buy individually.
To stay up-to-date on Chip’s monthly flavor and Crumbl’s weekly flavors, follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts @chipcookiesco @crumblcookies. Warning: you will want to buy cookies every single day.
What cookie will you choose?!