I have naturally brown hair that was blonde up until about halfway through high school. I was bummed, to say the least. I loved my blonde hair! Luckily my sister is the MVP of my life and became a hairdresser after getting a Finance degree from BYU (Rockstar, I know) and has been doing my hair ever since. That’s why most people think I’m blonde… my sister does a great job of bleaching my hair to the perfect blondeness and I’m very grateful. However, as a blonde, I sometimes get the urge to dye my hair.
Sometimes I want to go dark, sometimes I want some crazy color. I’ve only ever heard of regret from blondes going dark (though I know that’s not always true), so that’s honestly the only thing that’s kept me from doing anything drastic. But I’ve always wanted to try pink hair the most. Since my hair is blonde, I can put any color in it and it will show up (unlike those with dark hair), but it fades without upkeep. Not to mention I can’t commit to permanent pink hair. I just can’t, I’m not cool enough!
That is, until I heard about a product that I could still have pink hair without committing. One of my friends owns her own salon, and she’s very up on all the hair products. One day I saw her and her two daughters with the cuuutest soft pink hair and I was in love. She used something called Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash. Sheesh, what a mouthful. I just call it by the first two words. But basically, it’s a conditioner that’s not permanent! It comes in like 15 different colors and is the most amazing ever. I don’t rave about many things, but when I do it just means I really believe in it. This stuff is magical. Wash your hair, put the conditioner in, let it sit, rinse it out, BOOM pink hair.
The longer you leave it in, the darker it gets. After a few occasions, I tried for more of a rose gold look. I use the hot pink, but there’s also a light pink option that I’m sure would have different soaking times with different results. I only kept mine in for 30 seconds to a minute and I loved it! Make sure though that you distribute it well into your hair, otherwise it could turn out a little uneven. The best method I’ve found is to put your hair between your palms and rub it fast… kinda like you’re making a fire with sticks. Rose gold would come out of your hair in 1-2 washes. But if you left the conditioner in longer and got a darker pink, it’ll last a few more washes! If you want it to stay consistently pink, just keep conditioning it each time you wash your hair, or every other time.
I love this conditioner and I love that I can have pink hair one day and normal blonde hair the next. Let’s all get it so we can match pleeease!